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How many computers do you have?


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I'm not making this a poll although it probably would make sense. I just bought an HP Mini because it was about $80 cheaper than any other netbook just because it wad the floor model and I'm going to need a laptop for notes since I sold my old one. At anyrate this brings my computer count up to 4, not including dualboots. Does anyone else have a lot of computers or is it just me?

I actually have uses for 3 of them and the 4th is still useful, I just haven't made plans for it since I stopped using it as a file server.

Anyway. Just wanted to see who else holds on to or buys a lot.

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Oh man.

I have:


2 servers

1 Laptop

2 Desktops

That is 5 total.


That is just mine. In the entire house we have:


2 servers

2 laptops

3 desktops

That is 7 total.


And this does not include the ones I have set aside for spare parts, and experiments. I also am buying another laptop for my dad.


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I have two... really more like one and a half.


Gateway desktop, which more than does the job.

iBook laptop.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  It's an old G3 pos.  It worked just fine for what I used it for - taking notes in college - but it's essentially a computerized typewriter.


I'll be getting a new laptop this fall, though.  Just waiting for Windows 7 to come out.

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i've got one laptop that i use most.


one work laptop (that i avoid using for anything other than work).


two desktops (a newer one that i rarely use anymore, and an older one that i need to toss as soon as i get off my lazy ass and nab the data from it).

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Haha. Good to hear. My four are:

-a newish mac mini (my everyday computer)

-an old compaq proliant 3000 server

-an old powermac G3 which I haven't turned on in months

-the new netbook for note taking since I can't read my writing :P

I may sell the server though. I'll probably wait a while before I do if I do though.


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