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Shere my file lerning script.

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I was learning the file usage in php here i wrote a basic code but was fun i thort i would shere.

This script will make a directory then insert a file then rename the file then display it.


// post all varables






//set all varables





$message="my name is redarrow and i love php!";

// see if directory exist using is_dir.


// make a dir using mkdir.


// if the file is there using file_exists.


// open the dir using fopen.


// write to that file using fwrite.


// close the fopen to do a rename.

//rename the file using rename.


// open the dir with fopen

$e=fopen("0002/redarrow.txt","r")or die("sorry no such file");

// loop trow the fopen dir filename.


// get all the information using fgets line by line.


//echo the information to the screen.

echo $dis;


//close e fopen


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I wont someone to show me some more things i can do with files and directorys please and examples would be grate.

so far i have learn the following statements.



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Well, when I was learning file processing, I made a basic Hangman program..

- Create PHP page where a user enter a word and a category through a form.
- Create a PHP page where a user can enter 5 words and a category for each through a form.
(ex. Word: <input..>...Category<input...>)
- If a directory for category on your folder does not exists, make that directory.
(ex. word = "dog" and category = "animal" would be stored in /animal/words.txt) words.txt would contain "dog"
If a directory does exist, then append that word to the file.
(ex. word = "bear" and category = "animal"). words.txt would contain "dog" and "bear" on seperate lines in the /animal/words.text path
- Each word they enter will be stored in the text-file in different directory depending on the category.
- Once a user enter 5 words, the hangman program will start.
- Select a directory(category) and a random word from your text-file.

- Have the user guess a letter for that random word through a form.
- A correct letter will show the single letter of the word.
- An incorrect letter will start to "hang" the person.
- If a user correctly guess all the letter, that word will be deleted from the text-file.

If you can write that program, that's a good basic exercise for text processing and other basic PHP stuff.

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file_put_contents, same as fopening, fwriting and then fclosing.
[code=php:0]file_put_contents("filename.txt", "data");[/code]

It requires php5

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