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More double scrollbars and footer problems

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Ok thought this was fixed, but the gremlins have fought back once again. Im still having the hated double scroll bar problems, and sometimes text will slip beneath my footers

Page(for double scroll bar and footer issue): [url=http://www.fasttracksites.com/sitemap.php]http://www.fasttracksites.com/sitemap.php[/url]
CSS: [url=http://www.fasttracksites.com/stylesheets/main.css]http://www.fasttracksites.com/stylesheets/main.css[/url]

NOTE: you may have to scroll to the right to see the double scrollbar

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Your page is too wide. It is going to generate a bottom scroll bar when it goes beyond any screen.

You set your "page" div at 1050px, then told the container to be 100%, then set actual values for your left and right columns of 250px and 750px (respectively).

Then you specify "overflow: auto".

With all of that fixed columns and 100% container width stuff then adding overflow:auto, you are going to need to scroll right.

You are caught in that frustrating "overthinking loop" that results in adding more commands to your css than necessary. You are trying to emulate a table's fixed cell sizes but it's acting like css.

I almost always work within the old 800px container width -centered on the page - then use % for my columns. There are a lot of people who still use 15" CRT monitors - I use one to make sure my design works on it.

But you could try setting your container widths to width:95%, set your left column to 30% and your right content to 60%.

I would lose that page width:1050px and the overflow:auto.

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You should really design a site for 800px wide (I use 765 - it looks nicer!) or % - thats if you are going to do it properly ;)

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