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is this possible?

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Hello all , be4 I say anything else I would like to let it be known that am as much of a noob as they come , that said, I have a question. On my page I have a search feature that could search other sites for the users input it works great but the thing is that I have to of these pages to search 2 different sets of pages like for example one page would search google , yahoo and another page would search AltaVista and alltheweb im just using these search engines for an example. I’ll post the code so you can see what I am talking about. Basically I don’t want to have 2 different pages I would like to have one master search page where via radio buttons users can choose between the 2 sets of pages to to search
Here is my html
<script language=JavaScript src="test.js" type=text/javascript></script>
<div align="center">
<form name="searchForm1" action="" onSubmit="javascript:engine1(this.engine.options[this.engine.selectedIndex].value,this.go.value); return false;">
<select name="engine" class="drop_down">
<option value="-1" selected>Select a search engine</option>
<option value="1" >Google</option>
<option value="2">yahoo</option>
<input name="go" class="text_field" size="20" maxlength="35" />
<input name="submit" type="submit" class="search_button" value="Search" />
<iframe id="inpage" style="width:600px;height:400px" src="http://www.google.com"></iframe>
This is my .js file

unction doSearch( selectedIndex, searchTerm ) {
  if ( selectedIndex < 0 ) {
      alert("Please select a search engine!");
      return false;
  } else if ( searchTerm == "" ) {
      alert("No search term!");
      return false;
DoTheSearchInTheFrame(SEARCH_DATA[selectedIndex][1], SEARCH_DATA[selectedIndex][0]);

function engine1( selectedIndex, searchTerm )
  SEARCH_DATA= new Array(73);
  <!--SEARCH_DATA[value]= new Array( window name , url ) -->
  SEARCH_DATA[1]= new Array("google","http://www.google.fr/search?hl=fr&q="+escape(searchTerm)+"&btnG=Recherche+Google&meta=");
  SEARCH_DATA[2]= new Array("yahoo","http://search.yahoo.com/search?p="+escape(searchTerm)+"&sm=Yahoo%21+Search&fr=FP-tab-web-t&toggle=1&cop=&ei=UTF-8");

doSearch( selectedIndex, searchTerm );
  return true;

function DoTheSearchInTheFrame(var_a,var_b)

It is the same for the other sets just with different search data. Am not sure if this is even possible but I cooked up an image that should explain exactly what am talking about take a look
it doesn’t work but i hope the image gave you an idea of what im talking about.
Any comments will be greatly appreciated and thanx in advance

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