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GAK – what do you think to this idea


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I have this concept website: the goal is to find out who “visitors” are because incredibly no one knows!

The idea is to collect basic demographic data from visitors in return for showing them what type of person visits that particular site.

The best way to describe this prototype is to see it in action: Click the
“GAK this” button on the right side of this page. http://www.folksin.com/

To see what more data looks like I've set up a test - http://www.cgass.com/gak_test.html

[b]If you are interested in GAK or joining the team let me know[/b]
We’re looking for very good javascript mysql php, SEO and promotion skills.
We make websites only for ourselves,  websites that offer a service and generate revenue from subscription or advertising and require very little maintenance.

As far as money goes – There is no financial outlay on your part, only your time. And we’ll share the profits equally.

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You can look at what your visitors are like in your Cpanel. It says what web browser their using, how long they stay on your site, number of visits, number of repeat visits, etc.

How are you planning to collect data from the viewer?
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