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For Loops

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ok so i have this code for my [b]for[/b] loop. now what i need to do is insert another 2 queries, one to select 2 things from the per who made the post, this will be done using the Poster_id, and another to select something from another table using Legion_id found within the query selected from the player.

[code]$query3="select poster_name, poster_id, board, post_date, reply_to, reply_body, reply_subject, post_id from forum where reply_to='$post'";
if (!$result3)
die (mysql_error());

for ($i=0;$i<$num_rows;$i++)

so i have the 2 queries:

[b]Query 1 using the poster_id[/b]
[code]$query4="select name, postcount, legion_id from players where playerid='$poster_id2'";
if (!$result4)
die (mysql_error());


[b]Query 2 using the legion_id[/b]
[code]$query5="select legion_name from legions where legion_id='$legion_id3'";
if (!$result5)
die (mysql_error());


all i need to know is where to place them in the loop. since when i put them in it only echos one result then kills the loop.

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the problem is that your second and third queries are using the same variables, $num_rows, $row, to go through the results.  Use $num_rows3, $row3, etc. and it should work.

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