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Newbie with really old Dreamweaver

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I know that this is a long shot and that 1.2a is really old, but here goes.


I voluntarily manage a small charity site at http://www.swedauk.org with Dreamweaver 1.2a. There is no budget so I have to use what software I can get together myself and this is the only site I have done (plus a previous incarnation of the same). All in all things haven't gone too badly and we have a useable, if rather bland, site.


I have recently tried inserting some php code into a webpage to do some simple blogging (B2) but as soon as Dreamweaver gets hold of the file it turns it into unsuable mush. Just inserting the following -


<?php /* Don't remove this line, it calls the b2 function files ! */ $blog=1; include ("blog.header.php"); ?>


breaks the page. The more complex bits of php just makes things worse. Doing the same in a text editor and uploading works fine and everything works as expected.


Just opening a usuable html document with some php into Dreamweaver and saving it straight out again results in a radically different and totally unusable file.


I appreciate that 1.2a is pre php but isn't is simple meant to ignore everything between the <?php and ?> tags?


I've tried disabling everything in preferences that modifies or 'corrects' the source but with no luck.


Does anyone know of anyway I might include php in a document without Dreamweaver 1.2a wrecking it?


Any thoughts would be gratefully accepted.


With Kind Regards,


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im unsure of how to solve your problem, but did you know that Dreamweaver MX 2004 has a free trial?


also, there is a program called UltraEdit 32 and a very popular tool - Im not sure if it is free or no though.

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Thanks Hotdog, I'll have a look.


I have finally managed to solve my Dreamweaver problem. Apparently PHP will recognise the ASP deliminators - <% %> - as long as it is configured to do so in PHP.ini which my host has kindly done for me.


Dreamweaver treats anthing withing these as a comment and leaves them along.


Thanks again for your tips.



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