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Hi guys,

Just struck up in the middle of php cross roads. I will list out my problem any help is much appreciated.


Just recently I started learing php and designed a small dynamic website using php to keep in my resume with own guest book, admin privilages, normal users and a shopping cart etc. and now ready for looking for jobs.


Everytime I search for jobs on php I hear a new term like LAMP/CAKE/ZEND etc. It really scares and annoys me that some other work is still pending. If I google up all those terminology looks same but varies in some properties like linux and rubyon rails imitation & frameworks etc...and spending most of my time in learning theese conceptes but not in applying the jobs.


But out of interest could any one please advice me how to learn php perfectly like which modules should I have to concentrate basically and what next?


Also could any one please clear this. What is MVC in cake php. After reading the documentation, I understood that seperating the code individually into different pieces of code like Business layers in dot net. Please clarify this.


M really drowning in the pool of confusions. Any help is much appreciated.

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Don't you know you need to know everything?


When an employer is asking you to know LAMP, they just want you to know MySQL, and usually some simple .htaccess modifications. They could potentially want you to know how to manage their Linux server, but I'm not so sure this is common.


Cake and Zend are just frameworks. There are lots of frameworks, and I like CodeIgniter, but if an employer is looking for you to know a specific framework, then you just have to learn it. Most are pretty easy to pick up if you have enough php experience.


After making one small php site, the likelihood of you getting hired, at least around here, for a php developer job is pretty slim. Most employers are asking for 3 to 5 years of php experience, and they usually want to speak some geek with you so they know you know what your doing. If you don't know what LAMP, CAKE, and ZEND are, then they will probably show you the door.


Just keep learning, and get more experience. Put out ads for freelance work, and work with small businesses to get more experience. After working with php for a few years, you will probably find that people are calling you wanting you to interview. Most of my interviews in the last year have been from people calling me.


Also, if your website isn't good, the chances of people calling you are not good. Your website should be really nice.

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