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Please Critique my flash gane site!


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Amateurish? Not really, but at the same time it doesn't really feel like a flash game site, of which usually use very radical, youth oriented colours, take miniclip for example, white for me seems a bit too 'clean'.


Why does your T&Cs, Privacy Policy, Contact Us etc spawn a new window, that is becoming more and more annoying on the internet, I would suggest putting them on their own proper pages.




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Kinda reminds me of the orange website actually, as ILMV said though not very 'gamerish'. The center thumbnails let it down the most at the moment I think, badly stretched and pixelated. The text headers look a little lost too.


Code-wise it's table based, which, is never going to go down well here. It's also dragging down your content to mark-up ratio. There's no use of text tags at all. It doesn't validate as XHTML. In short it's not optimized for search engines.


It's not a bad effort at all, just I think rather than focusing on the design aspects you should be thinking more about the mark-up & technical side of things.

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