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Creating XML output

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I am trying to create an XML file using a PHP script.  The XML File looks something like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<UserParams id="1" BrokerID="1"/>

The part that I don't understand is the following.  I have a series of checkboxes with each box having a different value.  If a user were to select 3 checkboxes I need to iterate through the array and write to the ChooseProductTypeID field in the XML file as such,  <ChooseProductTypeID>1,5,7</ChooseProductTypeID>.  I have been able to print out the array variable $num using the following foreach loop:

foreach ($total as $num) {
print("$num,"); }

How would I get this string into the designated XML tag?

Currently I am able to write to this XML file using textboxes and the following code for different XML tags in same file.  How would I modify what I am currently using for textboxes to use for the checkboxes while utilitzing the foreach loop.  Below is the method by which I am writting to my XML file:

        if ($node_name == "FirstLeinAmt") {
          if ($value == $firstlein) {
            // Do nothing
          } else {
            $fl_textnode = $child_obj->firstChild;
            $new_firstlein = $doc->createTextNode($firstlein);
            $child_obj->replaceChild($new_firstlein, $fl_textnode);
        foreach ($total as $num) {
        if ($node_name == "ChoosedProductTypeID") {
          if ($value == $num) {
            // Do nothing
          } else {
            $pt_textnode = $child_obj->firstChild;
            $new_num = $doc->createTextNode("$num,");
            $child_obj->replaceChild("$new_num", "$pt_textnode");

Any help appreciated.

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Here's is a code I was given here for a for-each statement:

Someone may be able to help you along because the test says:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

$xmldoc .= '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>'."\n";
$xmldoc .= " <ConsumerDirectXML>\n";

foreach ($total as $num) {

$xmldoc .= " <UserParams id=1 BrokerID=1/>\n";
$xmldoc .= " <LoanParams>\n";
$xmldoc .= " <FirstLeinAmt>500000</FirstLeinAmt>\n";
$xmldoc .= " <ChooseProductTypeID>".$_POST["num"]."</ChooseProductTypeID>\n";
$xmldoc .= " </LoanParams>\n";
$xmldoc .=  " </ConsumerDirectXML>\n";



But at least theres a start.

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