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Deamweaver/ADDT not compatible with PHP 5.3

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I am a ColdFusion programmer who is very, very new to PHP.  I have started using the Adobe Developer's Toolbox (ADDT) to assist me in learning PHP.  However, I have just recently learned that ADDT is not compatible with PHP 5.3, which is what I have installed.  Some ADDT features work with PHP 5.3, but many do not.  My question is, now that PHP 5.3 is installed, how do I uninstall it and go back to PHP 5.2.9 without screwing up my entire system?  I used XAMPP to install PHP in the first place.  HELP!!!

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There are very few differences between php5.2 and 5.3. From the documentation -


Most improvements in PHP 5.3.x have no impact on existing code.


What exact problems are you having because it is more likely that it has to do with code that was written using older depreciated features and functions and differences in php.ini configurations rather than something that is different in php5.3.

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This is the only error method I am receiving:


Fatal error: Call to undefined method tNG_fields::tNG_fields() in C:\xampp\htdocs\PHP_CMS\includes\tng\tNG_insert.class.php on line 30


This is the code on the line where the error is occurring: 


function tNG_insert(&$connection) {


$this->transactionType = '_insert';

$this->exportRecordset = true;

$this->registerTrigger("ERROR", "Trigger_Default_Insert_RollBack", 99);




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Well kind of late to post this but it might help some others, since adobe killed addt users, there has still been some leaks to fix stuff with php 5.3 to fix that error follow this:


Look inside



tNG_delete.class.php  and



Go to around line 29 or 30 in each file and replace








Thats it now everything will work like before updating to 5.3 the bad stuff is that for each site you have to do it.


Hope this helps


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