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I have a requirement for a [b]simple[/b] image gallery capable of being operated (i.e. images upload) by an elderly person with minimal computer skills - your grandmother for example.  Browse my computer for image, choose a 'gallery', enter a caption for image, and click 'upload it'.

Admin script will automagically generate thumbnail and 'full size' image (at max heights of my choosing) with adjustable image compression set in a config file.  This is a user who will probably expect to upload files with spaces in the names and 2MB filesize from her digital camera.  Ability for same person with minimal computer skills to be able to delete any picture without screwing up everything.


Absolutely [b]no need[/b] for slideshow, user commenting, picture rating, e-cards, tell-a-friend, etc. etc.

Google brings up thousands, of course. I'd like to read a recommendation from a live person.

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why not [url=http://gallery.menalto.com]http://gallery.menalto.com[/url]?  Just turn off all the features you don't want when you're setting it up.

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