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Parsing RTF: space problems

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I have a little problem converting Word generated RTF document to HTML via PHP:

Here is a part of a test file:
[code]{\insrsid14898988 \par Ceci, il n\rquote y en a }{\insrsid13044712 p}{\insrsid14898988 as.\par }[/code]
should output: Ceci, il n'y en a pas.
outputs: Ceci, il n'y en a p as.

Reason: "pas" is splitted because it was modified from "Pas" to "pas" from a save to another and there is a space between "insrsid" and "as" that ISN'T MEANT to be there.

Now here is another part:
[code]{\insrsid12341801 avec sans barque}{\insrsid6517974 okok}[/code]
should output: avec sans barque okok
outputs: avec sans barque okok

Reason: Just normal behavior. The space between "insrsid" ans "okok" is MEANT to be there.

Now, my question is, has anyone worked with RTF enough to know a way of telling whether that space should be in the output? Anyone knows how Microsoft Word processes it (that might help me process it myself)?

Thanks a whole lot for any input,
Bruno M-A.

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