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[SOLVED] FF makes it a mess


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My standard browser is opera so everything I test on my localhost is tested on opera

Everything looks wonderfull, but I thought, let's see how firefox shows the website,

and omg it was a huge chaos,

I really don't know why ff can't display the page normal :(

and I think it has something todo with my css

you can test it:

my site

=> go to login and use:

username: IRA

password: IRA

the page you see in FF is a mess, if you see it in opera it is neat, clean

can somebody please tell me what the problem could/should be

and if this is also in other browsers

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Hi, not quite sure why this thread is in the mysql group....


Is there any reason why you are trying to do this with layers?

I know everyone (including me) insists that layout should be done with layers rather than tables.

However tables are the correct way to do things in some cases - ie when you want to display tabluar data.

Here you are showing a list of items in various columns - surely that is tabluar data?


Also, if you check in Opera and reduce the window width, you will see that it too messes up as the images float down below.


I would suggest that, for the central list, you convert it to a table list.



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