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Does disabling UED delete cookies?


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I tried google searching this (As I'm sure many of you wits would tell me to do so or I'm just an awful google searcher) but I didn't seem to find anything related to disabling UED and you lose your cookies.


So anyways, do any of you people know if disabling UED will result in a loss of IE cookies (My FF cookies are fine)? Of course I don't mind re-logging in but it could be an issue if all my cookies were compromised and meaning that I'm virused and logging in is a safety hazard so its best I don't log into anything important until I find out what the issue is.

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:wtf: How could I have messed that up?


I meant UAC, not UED. The vista protection where you need to confirm if you want to move files from one user to another, if you want to run files it gives you a pop-up asking for confirmation, etc. Also infamously known as the reason people hate vista.

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This thread is more than a year old. Are you sure you have something important to add to it?

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