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[Wanted] Something I've been thinking about

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Alright, I love RSS feeds just because I don't like to spam my mailbox with things.

What I would like to see, though not sure how feesable are somewhat custom RSS feeds for the forum.

You know when you 'subscribe' to a thread, well instead of being mailed when there has been a reply to a thread, how bout my own little personal RSS feed that my RSS Reader and look up from time to time?

Just a thought really.  I would assume that the forum would have to create my very on RSS feed file that I could point the reader to. Now a forum with 20,000 members all using this could make the directories a bit...interesting on the server.  Though being mainly text in a feed, I couldnt see them taking too much space up. 

Would also have to write some sort of cronjob to periodically delete old feeds or old information within the feeds.

Oh.. someone is probably going to beat me to this in coding it up one day but I thought it would be nice to see if it could be something that PHPFreaks.com could one day impliment :)

Thoughts? Flames? 


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I don't really think that is very practical for a community of this size.  You may want to contact some of the SMF developers that are members here to see if they can help you build something for yourself.

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Well, I did something like that on one of my other websites, where the RSS feed was a dynamic PHP document with some URL variables. Something like that might be just a little more pratical.

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SMF does have several built-in news feeds (available in 5 formats - ATOM, RDF, RSS, RSS2 and XML):

http://www.phpfreaks.com/forums/index.php?action=.xml - Base URL

Optional parameters:

sa - the sub-action. Determines what feed is shown - can be news (latest posts that are the first post in a particular topic in each board), recent (recent posts - default), profile (user's profile) or members (latest members)

limit - how many items to show. Can be anything between 5 and 255. Default is 5.

type - what type of feed to show. If not specified, XML is used. Can be atom, rdf, rss or rss2

Special parameters:

For "recent" and "news" (optional - only one parameter can be used at a time):

c - either a single category ID or a comma-seperated list of category IDs (limits display to posts from boards in the specified category/categories)
board - single board ID (limits display to posts from the specified board)
b - comma-seperated list of board IDs (limits display to posts from the specified boards)

Required parameter for "profile":

u - the user ID of the member whose profile you wish to view

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