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absolute newbie needing help - probably very simple

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Right i guess this is very simple but i dont have a clue really what im doing - i have tried using the search feature but i guess as its so simple no one has asked before.

How do you set a variables value from what is input to a text box and
how do you use the value once declared and put it into another text box?

any help would be appreciated and hopefully start me off


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You just need to use the GET option in your form and use the action field to direct it to the next page. Then, on the next page, you use the Bindings panel and use the GET variable binding to get the variable passed along (it will be named after the name of the input field, as set in the name attribute of the input tag). Then, drag-and-drop the newly-created binding onto the second form field and it will appear there.
You can alternatively use POST.

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