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"Read-only" PHP

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Here's the most remedial of questions, that I can't find in a faq:

I'm not a programmer, and currently maintain the most rudimentary of web pages (www.horizoncable.com/~scottleslie...I might get inspired to do something more sophisticated someday).

I just want to go to boreme.com and read the increasing plethora of .php items there. How can get my browser (Windows XP/Internet Explorer) to read them? Without reprogramming my end, that is.

I understand the server has to be set up for PHP, but isn't that Boreme? Or does MY server have to be (forget it, with those losers).

In other words, how do I read php files without being set up to write them?

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Ummmm.... The server that your files are on needs to be capable of parsing PHP for someone to be able to render it in their client.

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Maybe this is internet 101 ... simplified

server receives request sent from a browser to send a file
server retrieves the file
if needed, server executes the script elements so as to generate html code
server sends html code to client machine (your computer)
browser renders html code
you see it.

Whatever language is used on a server, the end results are sent as html files.  Some servers can 'parse' php files, some can't.

As for 'writing' them, html files are plain text, so as php files

Any questions?

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