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GET in the URLs

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Hello! Nice forum :)

I have been "playing" with HTML and CSS for some time, and I have been learning some basic PHP programming lately... I don't have a lot of time for learning though.

I have made a site which uses PHP (see it here: http://niptunz.byethost6.com/sitioy/index.php) for displaying some things, like the main content and some messages on that thin black bar below the banner. I have also installed some PHP utilities, such as CuteNews.

Now, if I add a variable to the URL (is that the right way of referring to it?), let's say: [url=http://niptunz.byethost6.com/sitioy/index.php?flashplayer=no]http://niptunz.byethost6.com/sitioy/index.php?[color=red]flashplayer=no[/color][/url], which displays a message saying "Aviso: no se encontrĂ³...." on the top bar, the links generated by CuteNews show the "flashplayer=no" part ([url=http://niptunz.byethost6.com/sitioy/index.php?subaction=showcomments&id=1153880035&archive=&start_from=&ucat=3&flashplayer=no]http://niptunz.byethost6.com/sitioy/index.php?subaction=showcomments&id=1153880035&archive=&start_from=&ucat=3[color=red]&flashplayer=no[/color][/url]), but the links on the left menu don't (well.... the only link hehehe).

So, if you click a link generated by CuteNews, the message will still be shown in the next page, but if you click a link on the menu, the message disappears.

How do I make the links on the left include the information already present in the URL too ?

Thanks in advance :)

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yes, because when you click the link the flashplayer=no will dissapear, to prevent this, do like so on all the links:
if($_GET['flashplayer'] == "no")
$flashplayer = 'no';
$flashplayer = 'yes';


<a href=link.php?flashplayer=<? echo $flashplayer; ?>>Link here </a>[/code]

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Thank you very much :) I was wondering... Are there other ways of doing it? Because CuteNews does it in another way for sure.

Thanx again

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