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um is this possible....

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can i make a drop down list that has files that are in a directory ?

i have halo 2 pics from in game and i want to make a drop down box to show all the pics in the halopics/ dirctory

please help

heres wat i have so far:


this isnt the drop down box this is just the pic and another feature

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This works for me to show the images in a directory as a dropdown. Make sure to edit the $direc variable to fit your needs.

//Images to ignore, File name ONLY, no extension, seperate by a comma, no spaces
//Example: $ignoreimages = "BlahImage,ImageMeh";
$ignoreimages = "";

$direc = "c:/wamp/www/mysite/webicons/halopics/";
$dh = opendir($direc);
while (false !== ($filename = readdir($dh))) {
$files[] = $filename;

$output .= "<form name='FileList' method='post' action=''>
  <select name='select'>";

//Accepted File Types To display
$acceptedfiles = array(1 => "jpg", 2 => "png", 3 => "gif");

//Build the array that holds the files to exclude.
$ignore = explode(",", $ignoreimages);

$FileCount = count($files);
for($i=0; $i <= $FileCount; $i++){
$file1 = explode(".", $files[$i]);
$blah = count(file1);
$extension = $file1[$blah];
$filename = $file1[$blah -1];
if(in_array($extension, $acceptedfiles)) {
if(!in_array($filename, $ignore)){
$output .= "<option value='". $files[$i] ."'>". $files[$i] ."</option>";
//Close the file out
$output .= "</select>

//output the HTML
echo $output;

Not sure if you wanted anything to be done when you select an item from the dropdown.

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