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Need help...with IE not responding to Submit buttons

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Hi, here is the problem. Go here: nominations.rbya.org

the click "Second/Object" for that first test person. You will see a new popup with a form on it. For some reson ONLY in IE, the "Go" button doesnt work. WHY. I tried erasing all the codei in that popup window, and just put a very simple form with a submit button, but that doesnt submit either. Why doesnt it work?


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I clicked
Nominate (up the top)
Then "Socond Object" link on the right
then a pop up showed

I clicked "go" and it said I did not complete all the forms, go back

I tried this in IE and FF
When I tried in FF rendering as IE (extra function in FF) it didn't work
but pure IE did (Version 6)

Also note, it says Socond/Object on your website, I did not typo in here

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