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Gordon Werner

eregi_replace Question ...

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I have a bunch of code that requires users to enter text.  To avoid certain problems, I restrict the tags they can use to mark up the text ... using bracket tags instead of html tags like


which I then replace at runtime using eregi_replace.


this is not a problem for things like bold text ...


$description		=	eregi_replace('\[b]([^]]*)\[/b]', '<b>\1</b>', $description);


but how do I handle things like bullet lists where I want to let the user only have to enter




right now, all I do is this:


$description		=	eregi_replace('\[\*]', '<li>', $description);


but this makes the XHTML validation fail (no closing </li> tags) ...


is there an easy way that I can have the code auto-insert the </li> tag? and how would the above code snippet have to change?





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The easiest thing to do would be to make the user mark it up like any other tag:




that is how most forums do it.


p.s. - stop using posix functions (ereg**) they are deprecated and are removed from the php core as of v6.  Use the pcre functions (preg**) instead.




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