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Why do I always see this?


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I think its a kinda homeless child thing.


Here is a story of a poor homeless child. Here this poor child rests. He is lost in the world of code and approached a building known as "PHPFreaks". He enters and just wants to obtain the basics such as bread and water. Now of course a wealthy person is there and sees this poor sport, and decides to help him. The poor homeless child then asks a question on how to get food and whatnot and of course the wealthy person begins to show the child how to till the land.


Now off to the land they are at, the child begins to struggle, failing several times before achieving his first victory. This man or men, called by their house title, PHPFreakers, go to the aid of this child everytime he is in need. Now slowly but surely, the child manages to accomplish on his own, feeling pride and accomplishment. He continues to till the land several more times until he is experienced enough on his own and that one day, he himself can go back to PHPFreaks and help someone who was like him.


I could have extended the story several more paragraphs but I see what happens to CV posts that have over a few thousand characters but if you guys would want me to extend the epic... ;)

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This is easy. They pick these self-degrading usernames because they're afraid that one of the more frequent visitors of the forum will mistake their lack of PHP knowledge for stupidity. It's like a fat kid who jokes about his own weight in order to render any future insults hurled at him by others as redundant.

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