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Please, "FOR THE LOVE OF PETE", read a tutorial and do a simple search for similar subjects before posting a question.

Here is a tutorial from the phpfreaks page....all you have to do is click tutorials and it's there.  It's not even on a sub page.

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First things first: buy a book. Seriously, just reading through it and trying out the examples will help you SO much. We've got a thread here with book recommendations:

Loads of PHP books have User Login walkthroughs in them, and they explain it so well how you create one. If you actually read the book, you'll understand it and be able to add on your own features and stuff.

Thats my advice. Read a book. :D
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-- TO: "rallokkcaz" --
No, you're not asking for help, you're asking for someone to throw together a login/registration system FOR YOU. Yes, they provided help, these people's time and effort is actually worth something to us, so stop being a jerk and LISTEN to them! you cant just come in here and say "HEY people make me this!" no, you try it on your own, and if you have a problem with a certain piece, THEN you ask for help ....
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