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[SOLVED] Cant work this out - php making page distorted


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Hi everyone, i hope someone can help me with this because im tearing my hair out. I have a page on my site that contains php.


Here is the page :www.internize.netau.net/seolinks/links.php


Could someone please have a look at the source code and tell me why the page is coming out looking the way it is?


I've had problems like this before but its been due to an extra </html> tag being there, the header and footer files contain nothing.


Any ideas?  :shrug:

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Well I think it's because you don't have a return after the closing ?> tag.


Heres an example of what I mean:







            echo "<p>Hello ";
        ?> < -- press enter on this line.




I'm not really sure why it does that but that should fix it.

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Hi, i have sorted the problem, there was a css file in the within the php script that was conflicting with my sites css file. I just deleted the second css file and that sorted the problem but thanks for the advice, i'll check the w3 validation now and remove the references to the second css file.

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