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Apache working, but not locally??? strange!

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Hello all. I have installed Apache v2.0.43, all seems to be working well.


When I type, or localhost or the name of the computer into a URL field the Apache Server successfully returns the request.


However when I type in my static IP address 81.5.XXX.X it fails to respond succesfully? This happens for all computers within the network (only 4)


Strange enough though, when I try away from the local Lan (externally) and type the IP address, the request is succesful and the defult page is displayed.


For testing purposes it would be much more efficient for me to see the changes immediatley instead of having to go to another computer in order to access the page. does anyone have any suggestions as i cannot think what could be causing this?


Many Thanks.

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I am not sure about this problem because I only work on one machine to do my testing and not sure how other machines can access the pages like that.


On the machine that has apache, php installed on it, you say it works when you type in http://localhost/ right?


At home I test my files like this i.e. http://localhost/tester.php

(these files inside the htdocs folder)


But you\'v got these on ur own server, which to me is summink new and hope someone can help you on this matter, soz george



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No probs Jass, I still have not resolved the issue, however I am sure the problem lies within one of the following:


:arrow: Hardware Router Firewall (One Device - Netgear DG814)

:arrow: The DNS Settings

:arrow: Or Incorrect / error of installation upon Apache.


If anyone else reads this post with any suggestions, please let me know as it is piculiar!


Many Thanks



PS: Jass, no I dont have to type http://localhost/tester.php as I have routed the httpd.conf file to another location on the local pc, but I dont think this would affect the error in anyway!

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