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searching arrays

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Can anyone please tell me if there is a way to search an array but only display unique entries even though duplicates may be there?

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I am a little confused as to where to put the array_unique, could you help please:

[code]<tr><td><b>Product Name:</b></td>

<!--put the query $sqlPRODNAME into the $result variable or display error if query fails-->


$result  = mysql_query($sqlPRODNAME, $dblink)
or die("<p>Error Processing Query</p><hr /><p>".mysql_error()."</p>\n");

// mysql_fetch_array fetches the results from the query a row at a time and populates the drop down box each time it's called
// the result is returned as an array that can be referenced either by field name or by it's index, "ALL" is hardcoded because
//it is always constant and allows the % query to be executed

echo '<td><select name="Equivalent">';
echo '<option value = "%"><b>ALL';

while ($row = mysql_fetch_array ($result))

// loop through the rows outputing them as select options
echo '<option value="' . $row["PRODEQUIV"] . '">' . $row["PRODEQUIV"] . "</option>";

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