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a bit like OSCommerce

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Hi people,

I was wondering if somebody could point me in the right direction here.  I have previously put together a few OScommerce sites for family friends as it is so effective at what it does, why re-invent the wheel.  Now a friend has asked if I could write them a simple website for a recruitment agancy.  Its a lot like myspace, the only difference is that the user has to pay for their own 'advert'.  What I was wondering is there any opensource like OScommerce that will let me setup a website which controls the creation of new users/search facilities.  It will be a bit like cwjobs but people enter info about themselves, using keywords and descriptions and then the employers search for them.  All I want to be able to save for each profile is a picture, a few segements of information and a link to their CV.  I have looked at PHPNUKE and think this might do what I want but was wondering if there were any others?

Thanks for your help

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