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Change filename when uploading to DB

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Hi, how can I change a filename when it is being uploaded to the database? (Really the link is being added not the file itself, the file itself is being added to a folder on the ftp).

I need to find a way to change a filename when uploading, to something random incase there are 2+ of the same files trying to be uploaded. The file extension needs to stay the same though.

I am clueless how to do this, please help!

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$random = RandWord();
$_FILES['filename']['name'] = $random . $_FILES['filename']['name'];

function RandWord()
//length 5-8
$minlen = 5; $maxlen = 8;
$len = range($minlen, $maxlen);
$alphanumA = array_merge(range(a,z), range(A,Z));
$alphanumS = implode('', $alphanumA);
$randword = substr($alphanumS, 0, $plen[array_rand($len)]);
return $randword;

That will append some random string to the front of a filename.

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