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need guidence on creating relational DB

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hi guys

I am a student and iv been using mysql to put data in to simple table feilds such as images and text i hav used dump files and phpmyadmin. the problem is i hav been given the task for my final project to recreate a huge hospital access relational database in mysql and add an intranet interface using php.

My problem is that i cant seem to see how relations are made in mysql and which datatype actualy is the equivalent of autonuber eg for id's ect, do i need to generate these, unique identifier dosent automaticaly enter a number.

can somone please help me, thanks alot for any help.


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You can auto-increment any integer data type.  As for "relations", you can enforce this via InnoDB FKs, but you'll still have to "make" them yourself.

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