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please help *SOLVED*

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I'am quit new to javascript. I've been trying to solve this little problem myself, but...
here is the problem: I'am making a form where user can insert the image (like bbcode); everything works ok, but I don't want the value to show all the html code: [color=red]<img src="http://www.3d.caucasus.net/pics/bbcode/smile.gif">[/color], I want to dispaly something like: SMILE or something. Thanks for your help, I really need this:(

[color=green]function addHTML(smile) {
document.forms['Input Form']['The_Textarea'].value+='<img src="http://www.3d.caucasus.net/pics/bbcode/smile.gif">';
document.forms['Input Form']['The_Textarea'].focus();

here is the HTML code for image (works ok):

[color=red]<img src="../pics/bbcode/smile.gif" width="50" height="49" onClick="addHTML('smile');">[/color]

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Hi there,

Not sure to get it all well, (my english) but,...
Maybe if the "destination" is a div/container, instead of a 'textarea', you could have the expected result,
Something like:
html part:
<div id="mydiv"></div>
& js part:
document.getElementById('mydiv').innerHTML="<img src='yoursmile.gif' onclick='whatUwant()'>";
To try,, & hoping it helps,


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