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decryption on runtime

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Hi all,

I hope that someone can help me...

I have written a php encryption and decryption function using php's Mcrypt function. I am trying to figure out how I can configure Apache and the php.ini file to recognize a .phpx file and to be able to grab that file and decrypt it and then process the file as a php file. Each encrypted file will only include pure encryption code, no function calls will be mixed with the encrypted code. An encrypted files original php code could have multiple other files included which are also encrypted and the decryption have to be able to work for an example: include_once("/folder/filename.phpx"); This include could also include a pure php file which has not been encrypted and will have the extenstion .php.

I'm thinking that I might have to create a php-extension, but I have limited knowledge in C and how the php.ini file and apache works and processes files. Is it possible to force php.ini to use my original php decryption function and will it be able to work the way I would like it to work as explained above?

I hope that a smart soul out there will be able to help.

Thank you in advance!



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