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Need your opinion on my website


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The green looks a little too bright on my monitor.

The Login and Signup links don't look well on a green background.

Maybe give the headings of the columns on the right a little more breathing space or padding?

Some of the avatars look a little bright.

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Thanks for your feedback.


I did noticed the color was bright when I change my monitor to a different color temperature. Solution: I will give users option to change the coloring/theme to the website.


As far as the spacing, I checked a few PC with different resolution on IE + FF and the spacing seems fairly good. What web browser / resolution are you reviewing it in?

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I noticed my website was so called hacked with some simple script iinsert and I think the person is probably a registered user here. My website isn't adverstised at all and I know it's someone from this forum who did this to either fully test it out or just doing it to be an a$$.


I apologize for the incovience this may cause you and I disable the registration page. The www.blogoberry.com is free of advertisement now. I know ways to get around this problem, but haven't got a chance to work on it yet.


Any feedback would be appreicated. Thanks again guys.

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Ummm....I kind of agree with everyone else on the whole color thing. I know you must have heard it a lot, but I just wanted to let you know. Second, I have to admit it looks a bit plain. Maybe you could rearrage your avatars or something to make it more attractive. I don't really uundestand why I get that feeling, but I think it has something to do with your white background maybe. But anyways, other than that it looks pretty good. :)

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Nice simple design, easy to navigate around, think about adding a capture to your forms, e.g. signup form


Also not 100% sure what your website is really about, what about one clear sentence on the front page telling you its purpose? or something along those lines.


Other than that nice work, keep it up :)

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Just a few ideas:


Instead of the men/women icons, you could look into using different images. I know wordpress has a plugin which has random images of avatars.


The view results in the poll area would be nice if they showed up on the same page using ajax or some other method.


I know its rare, but the following email address is actually considered valid:  username.o'surname@email.com



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What color do you think most people prefer to look at on a website? I'm guessing it's blue because it's easy to read and not too bright. I was thinking of changing to this color as a the default home page and also give user option to select other color. You guys think it's a good idea?


I also added a new comment email notification so whenever a new comment is posted, an email will be sent to the original blogger and anyone who commented the blog.

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You know how annoying that would be? Especially if someone just posted on that blog to comment...


Good point. I should add in some codes where if a user post a comment on that blog, he/she should not receive an email since he/she already post a comment (assuming this person has read the previous comments in the blog)


I noticed on a profile page, " fish.jpg".

You should filter those out from the preview text.quote]


At first, I actually filter those fish.jpg from the preview text, but some picture may be too big for it to fit in the preview and it'll overlaps the borderline. Another reason, why it wasn't in the preview is because some pictures may be unapproiate and I may not have time to monitor all post. So, the user needs to take additional step to actually view someone else pics.


Thanks. I appreciate the feedback everyone =)


I just added in CHANGE THEME in the profile section so users have choices of which theme to select from.

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This thread is more than a year old. Please don't revive it unless you have something important to add.

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