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Search Tutorial?

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Hi anyone, just a quick comment to see if anyone can advise me or give me a url to an appropriate search tutorial/script available on the web to suit the following:

I need to perform a search of album tracklistings, which when a user types in an artist, title or label name within a search then it will display results of all the albums that have the appropriate search, which will link to the main product.

If anyone knows of a type of appropriate search I can use it will be greatly appreciated.

Thx :)

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What are you searching?  Don't say album titles either......I know that.

What we need to know is, are you using a database, if so, which one?  Are you useing a text file with all of the information stored in a formatted way?  Are the names of albums scattered hopelessly across your file system so that the server must search through entire directories to find a particular file name?

If you are using MySQL, here is a link to the phpfreaks.com search tutorial...


I think this is a record, I've posted that link 4 times now in I think three days.

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The way my MySQL database is set up is that each product has 'pd_id' 'pd_name' 'pd_price' 'pd_quantity' 'pd_description' 'pd_more' 'pd_more2'

The tracklist users both pd_more & pd_more2. So i would need the search to look at both these fields then display the results and show the user the 'pd_name' of all the products that meet the search criteria and display a link to the main product. the products link like categories.php?c=0&p=4 with 'p' being the pd_id.

Hope that helps clarify my description


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