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Ok i am trying to make a form. The form will have some options. Now based on the options selected it will load a list into a select box.

My question is what is the best way to do this. How could i update the list right away, would i need to get into ajax for this?

From what i understand i will need to submit and then from there i can do what i want in php. But would i need to get into ajax so i wouldnt have to refresh the page or anything.

What you think the best thing is?

When i update the list would it better to put it in a select box or just list them in a table and have them link with the post functions inside them or something. Like

"[stuff in here is a select box]

What games do you like? [Select, Action, Adventure, MMO]

So say i select MMO, it will then load action games from a database. Would it be better to just list in another select box like

Games: [Lineage 2, WoW, Runescape]
or list them in a table

Lineage 2

But they would be links basically that has the post url.
And when you click it you would then get another list with more information about it and what not.

Is it possible when i select the MMO option that it will update the new list right away? And if someone knows of an example or can put me in the right direction to do this in a efficient that be great.

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