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Ever have a stupid moment?


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$query = "SELECT * FROM table WHERE object > '0' AND '25' > object";


I just realized I could do that with the ">" and "<". I used to do that except with 25 different queries with "=" instead.  :facepalm: Ha ha. Man I feel stupid. This new way is several times faster and much easier to code.


Have any of you people previously have experiences like mine where you coded something but did it an extremely stupid way?

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You might want to look into BETWEEN...




Even better! :D I assume this will be faster for the computer as well, right?


Hmm...I probably need to look at a MYSQL manual instead of a PHP one as that doesn't include that unless I missed it...


(By the way, do you have a page that lists all the things you can do with a query as far as operators go and such.)

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1. (100 loops) 0.16122

2. (100 loops) 0.27198

3. (100 loops) 0.17759

4. ( 1000 loops) 1.86375

5. ( 1000 loops) 2.00561


For greater and less than signs.


1. (100 loops) 0.26809

2. (100 loops) 0.16846

3. (100 loops) 0.1873

4. (1000 loops) 1.84106

5. (1000 loops) 1.73132



For whatever reason, between is significantly slower than greater than and less than signs.



EDIT: Oops! The greater than and less than sign one had less. I replace the wrong numbers with the new one. Now the numbers are nearly the same. So most likely it does just a tiny difference as those statistics can't always be reliable.

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