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Wordpress blog on existing site - how to look the same?

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I don't actually know PHP but I wonder if I could get some help anyway with some code, or at least some feedback telling me if what I am asking for is not possible or not advisable.


I would like to add a Wordpress blog to this site www.palustris.se, but I am worried that the blog page will not look like the rest of the site. Wordpress, of course, uses its own index.php and all the pages that are loaded for the blog are php pages. It also comes with a theme that can be customized. Before starting out to customize a theme, however, I would like to know if it is possible to load the Wordpress blog, so to speak, on a page that has the same header/background/navbar and as the rest of my site, and then simply tuck on the Wordpress php components underneath.


Or is the only possible solution to try to tweak the blog php pages to try to get them to look like the rest of the site? But then, what about the navbar?


Could I tweak the Wordpress php pages so that they would first load my header and navbar and then proceed to load the blog components where the header in the wordpress theme would be set to none or be invisible, maybe...?


A bit like:

<div id="header">my header</div>
<div id="navbar">my navbarr</div>
<div id="wordpress">allt he wordpress stuff</div>


If anyone has ideas about how to go about this I'd be very willing to hear them. I have already borrowed a few PHP/MySQL books at the library but I don't quite know where to start for this particular problem, and how I should go about my php-learning process.


Thanks a lot for any input!

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You need to build your own Wordpress theme from scratch. The good news is that it's fun and there exists a STEP-BY-STEP tutorial to assist you in doing this.


The tutorial is designed for folk without any PHP experience so don't worry. It's simple.


Here's the link: http://www.wpdesigner.com/2007/02/19/so-you-want-to-create-wordpress-themes-huh/


The only place I anticipate you getting stuck is at the beginning when he talks about actually installing Wordpress. I'll be glad to walk you through any difficulties you run into. I'll check back for the next couple of days.


Later gater.



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C'mon pumpkin. If you make a post then at least have the courtesy to check back within 48hrs to respond or close it off.




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