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PHP Mailer with a form

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Hi i have created a simple contact form thats works fine using my smtp set up in my php.ini file. I now need to put my work on a live server and have downloaded and setup phpmailer. My form currently works using the following code:

//create short variable names
$toaddress = 'hipbobbiter@hotmail.com';
$subject = 'Contact';
$mailcontent = 'Customer First Name: '.$firstname. "\n"
  .'Customer Last Name: '.$lastname. "\n"
  .'Customer Email: '.$email. "\n"
  ."Customer Comments: \n".$feedback. "\n";
$fromaddress = 'From: admin@whitedisc.com';

mail($toaddress, $subject, $mailcontent, $fromaddress);


How can i integrate this into phpmailer? Ive looked at the tutorial using the site but still having problems. Any help will be cool :)


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