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[SOLVED] Webauction FROM address ANONYMOUS

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Hello all,


Is anyone familiar to the opensource app: webauction?

At registration an confirmation email is sent with FROM address: anonymous@servername.domainname.nl

Other mails (bids, outbids etc) DO use the right address, given in the conf.ini file.

I can't figure out how/where to solve this. Looked in dozens and dozens of files, but no succes so far.

The webauction/xataface forum also didn't bring any solution.

Maybe here?


Kind regards and many thanks for any help,


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Xataface admin came with solution. I will post it here. Maybe helpfull for future posters:


Add the following method to your application delegate class (located in conf/ApplicationDelegate.php):


function getRegistrationActivationEmailInfo(&$record, $activationURL){

        return array(

            'headers' => ''From: '.getConf('notification_from_address') . "\r\n" .

                                'Reply-To: '.getConf('notification_from_address') . "\r\n"






Thanks to all.


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