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clickable map -- help ! , please !

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I need someone's help  :-[ please !

I have a map that has many blue dots... and I have their latitude and longitude in my database..

I can easily do a search and pick few dots from my database..

[b]1st step:[/b]
I need these few dots to be coloured by red in the result page that shows the map with all of the blue dots + new red dots ( where they should be above some of the blue dots )

[b]2nd step:[/b]
I should have the user able to click on these red dots.. so he can after that have all the stuff in the database that are related to this specific dot..

[b]3rd step:[/b]
the map is toooo big.. so I should have the user to be able to zoom in (while he is clicking around the red dot) but as in step 2 .. if he clicked on the dot.. results should be displayed..

how can i do these steps  ::)?? heeelp  ??? please  :)

web designer[/color]

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1/ You should be able (given the co-ordinates) to achieve this with the GD library.
2/ This could be acieved using an html image map. Nothing to do with php.
3/ Once again... nothing to do with php.

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