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Memory Limit Change - HELP PLEASE!

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Hi All,


I am getting the following error.


Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 1024 bytes) in /var/www/xxx.xxx.xxx/xxxx/xxxx/xxxxxxxxxx.class.php on line 157


I have tried changing the memory limit through .htaccess using...


php_value memory_limit 12M


I have also tried changing it using "ini_set"... example below...


ini_set('memory_limit', '12M');


When I tried both of these, I get no error - the page just doesn't load at all (blank white page). As soon as I remove the memory limit setting - the page then loads, but with the memory limit error shown above.


I am unable to change the size in the php.ini file (this is not an option for me - don't have access).


What is happening? How can I fix this problem?


Any help is appreciated.






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The white screen is probably an error in your .htaccess file,


have you tried adding the

ini_set('memory_limit', '12M');

right above the line with the error..


However you may want to get a better host, as even if you get this to work, your host may just suspend your site for using too much resource. as I assume your on a shared host.


of course the other option (if possible) is to change your code, so it uses less memory

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