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Bass Vivi

HTML form with php/custom thank you page help

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Hello everyone, first timer posting on the forums, but ive been here many times and this site has help me out a lot, but i cant seem to find what im looking for, so here we go.

To get everyone on the same page I have a form and when you click submit I have it going to a thank you page. What i want is whatever name the person types in the name field I want it to then print out on the thank you page when they submit the form.

Right now the form action is set to go to an email address.  My thinking is making the form go to a process php page that prints out the information and then have a submit button on that page that will take you to the thank you page with the custom thank you message to that person by using a variable like $username. Is this possible or an im thinking wrong?

html form page -> process page -> thank you page

Thanks in advance for the help

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In reality they could all be the on same page

1. test to see if form has been filled in

2. if no OR error variable is set, display form
    get filled in and 'loop' back to 1

3. if YES
    process data

4. if data is faulty set error variable and 'loop' back to 1

5. store data and display thank you


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