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Global Variables not working as expected

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Greetings all.  Im currently trying to learn PHP and have stumbled across this problem on numerous occasions already. 

I understand that when i submit a form in example1.php and with the ACTION arguement call another file such as example2.php.  That i cannot pass the values without [color=red]register_globals[/color] being set to ON in the php.ini file.  Unless i use the built in $HTTP_POST_VARS array.

But if im not calling another file and simply wish to submit a form back to its own document using global $PHP_SELF(or just be default it should do this anyways).  Having [color=red]register_globals[/color] set to OFF shouldnt matter.

The script im trying to get working is this:


foreach ($PARAMS as $key=>$value){
  print "$key=$value <br>";

if (isset ($domain) && isset($sex) && isset ($mail)){
  // check user input here!
  $ret=add_to_database($domain, $sex, $mail, $dberror);
  if (!$ret)
  print "Error: $dberror<BR>";
print "Thank you very much";
} else {

function add_to_database($domain, $sex, $mail, &$dberror){
  $user = "raversnet";
  $pass = "5434697";
  $db = "test";
  $link=mysql_pconnect("myth3",$user, $pass);
if (!$link){
    $dberror="Couldnt connect to MySQL server";
return false;
if (!mysql_select_db($db, $link)){
  return false;
$query="INSERT INTO domains (domain, sex, mail) values ('$domain','$sex','$mail')";

if (!mysql_query($query, $link)){
  return false;
return true;

function write_form(){
  global $PHP_SELF;
  print "<form method=\"POST\">";
  print "<input type=\"text\" name=\"domain\">";
  print "The domain you would like<p>";
  print "<input type=\"text\" name=\"mail\">";
  print "Your mail address<p>";
  print "<select name=\"sex\">";
  print "\t<option value=\"M\"> Male";
  print "\t<option value=\"F\"> Female";
  print "</select>";
  print "<input type=\"submit\" value=\"submit!\"></form>";


The script displays the variables whether the [color=red]register_globals[/color] are on or off.  Doesnt matter.  However the script Function ISSET doesnt work unless its set to ON. 

I can get the script working with [color=red]register_globals[/color] OFF if i cycle through the array but really as far as i know....i shouldnt have to.

Any help is appreciated,



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You should turn register_globals off. When this setting is off you'll have to use the $_POST superglobal array to access any POST'd data, for example to get the information from the domain field ion your form you use $_POST['domain'] rather than $domain. You change the string between [' and '] to the form field you want to access. If your form method is GET you use $_GET instead of $_POST. The same with cookies you use $_COOKIE or for sessions you use $_SESSION

YOu do not need register_globals to be on if you are submitting the form to another page. Also for the form to submit to itself
you use [b]action=\"" . $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] . "\" [/b]

$HTTP_*_VARS are old and have been replaced by the newer superglobals which were explained above.

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Ok i removed the Post Vars loop and replaced the ISSET line with:

[code]if (isset ($_POST['domain']) && isset($_POST['sex']) && isset ($_POST['mail'])){[/code]

It works now which is fantastic.  Thing is i never had to replace all other references to $domain, etc.  They just work.  Why would ISSET be the only function affected.  If that makes any sense.

Thanks for the help btw.


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Ok after i turned off the Register_Globals it quit working.  Shoulda did that in the first place.  After updating the line:

[code]$ret=add_to_database($_POST['domain'], $_POST['sex'], $_POST['mail'], $dberror);[/code]

It worked just fine with Globals off. 

Thanks again,


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