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Am I setting up my sites oldschool


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When I create a site I open a basic template that I have created that consists of a css file an index page and a few php inserts for the header, nav and footer.


It works fine and I am happy with it but I keep seeing posts / comments on the net saying that all websites should be dynamically loaded etc and all content on pages should be database driven, so on and so on.


How does everyone else setup a basic site. I dont want to use a CMS like wordpress or joomla. I looked into CakePHP but apparently you should not use it unless you are creating a blog, forum etc. Here I was thinking CakePHP was a basic sort of framework that you can add features to.


I need help deciding the best way to do things, I have created sites that pull info from databases before but it was still all hand coded.


Help from anyone expereinced in this topic is very much needed  :-\

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