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[SOLVED] ftp Info Needed

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Little History:

I have installed WAMP (lastest version Apache 2.2.11, PHP 5.3.0) and all works as hoped with no problems. Working on apps for two different companies and the last phase is ftp. Clients that log on to either of these two sites at different times require to download to their (server to client transfer only, nothing moving from clients to server) systems certain files that are updated a couple of times per week. One company is running their site on Windows server, the other on SCO Unix (Apache).



Can some one get me started as to setting up my system (Windows Vista development) to allow testing of ftp? I think, I have the general code in place but can't get the ftp_connect right. Using http://localhost. I am guessing that my problem is what should I be using for $ftp_server= 'value.'

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