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Darkness Soul

try {} catch(e) {}

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I need a little knowledge help here (and it isn't with english ;) )..

I've build a AJAX function based in some tutorial, its work fine in simple places.. but.. I got a problem or two..

First: The page I've loaded with the fn_open_ajax(url,id); simple ignore ALL existing javascript.. this only execute the html and php..

Second: I try to use my function with ASP, but unhappy.. so my friend add an external group of try when the main page loads.. and its have more types of contro and the catch(), well, my function all catch(e) is with a simple 'e', they catch(e) is diferent to each one.. catch(ee), catch(E), ...

What is this catch(eee), this 'e' inside.. err i've found is error.. but and e, ee, eee, eeee, E, EE... ???

If I 'union' these try with my function try.. maybe its work into asp too?

Thanks :D


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