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I have a plan to reduce the "tl:dr" count!


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I read the post where the OP suggested people use txt talk, and as I read the example, I cringed and shivered at the exact same time. If this board became a place where people tried to minimize the content in their posts, where people tried to use bad English, I'd leave a long fucking rant and piss off out of here. I take this place and use it as an intellectual haven, where I can get away from all the idiots on the web. Then we have the PHP Help forum. If anything, I believe that we should have a minimum of 300 words. 300 words isn't much. It's really not. And it would make the posts all that much more enjoyable. And as for the OP, with his scrolling down a whole page, get a bigger screen, then you'll be able to see more. Also, I don't believe I've ever seen a tl;dr on this forum

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