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PHP/Dreamweaver Editing Existing PHP File

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Good Eveing..


I have a quesition that I know someone here can help me out with...

Thanks in Advance..


How do I edit an existing PHP file using DW with out having a apache server to connet to. ?


I wanted to be able to edit all of the \squirrelmail-1.4.2\src\ php files. I tried using DW and looking at the file,.. I can see the code.. but when I press F12.. and explorer comes up.. I just get the code.. in html format.. but the PHP site. I hope that makes sence ? ... is there something in DW that I have to do differently or do I have to have an Apache Sever Running ? But I think there is gotta be a way to edit the PHP fiels ? [any] with out connecting to a Server using DW.MX.


I am using Dreamweaver MX.. the new one and I'm using existing PHP files from\squirrelmail-1.4.2\src that I have on my linux box...


Thanks Again..


Junior Bisono.




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If you have a linux box, why not just set that up as your webserver?


All you need is apache, mysql, myphpadmin and webmin. You have yourself a certified webserver right there.


Then network with your Dreamweaver machine and edit away, in live wonderful action.


Another way would be to get apache, php, mysql, etc... for your windows machine. Unless your one of these people with a Mac?


Anyway... Hope this helps...




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