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Forklift accident


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These shelves look heavily overload


They look pretty much like any other warehouse to me. Before moving to IT, I was 11 years in warehousing and inventory logistics.


Those points where there are bottom levels of racking missing to make way for doorways and stuff are notorious for being week points. The worst thing about that is they are also generally where there is allot of traffic.

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I certainly don't have that much experience ;)


I know that once stability (is that a correct word?) of a structure is lost, the failure is usually violent and inevitable. First row of shelves was obviously damaged by the forklift at its base, so it's no surprise it went down. I am surprised however, that the second row gave up just as easily (or so it looked like). Its base have been hit by some crates... but was it enough?


I would love to see some other angles as well as some pictures taken when some of the crates have been removed.


One more thing to be afraid when shopping at wholesale market... :P

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One more thing to be afraid when shopping at wholesale market...


I've seen racks like that take big hits from turret trucks weighing around 9 ton, some of which have actually snapped uprights out of the ground they are bolted too and yet the racking still stands strong.


It is however these points where racking is missing that makes them weak.

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haha yeah...I worked in a produce warehouse for a while.  I've seen some pretty spectacular shit happen before, forklifts dropping shit from top shelves, pallet trucks rammed into each other (lots of ice and water on floors of produce warehouse).  Whole racks toppling over.  All kinds of crazy cool shit.  Seen lots of people get hurt (myself included...) but no deaths. 

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What I find so comical about it all is that after everything falls, there is a second of no movement, then at about the 0:49 mark, a box (which is taped to another one near the bottom of the screen (slightly to the right of center screen) detaches and tumbles, as if to say, "Oh wait, the damage isn't fully finished yet.. let me detach myself and tumble down a bit.. there.. now we're done!"  :happy-04:

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