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Let me clear some things up...

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This is new post to clear some things up about my previous post.


This is what I need help with.. I have some PHP files that I need to edit in Dreamweaver... MX My question is do I need an apache server running at the same time when edtting my PHP files...


I do have a dual box.. linux and windows.. now on my linux side.. I got apache with php mods.. and thats cool.. but I need to be able to edit these pages..

so do I need a server at the same time.. or does Dreamweaver have some type of

virtual server that I can see my pages when I edit them.. because I only get code... no pics.. no frames.. no nothing.. so if someone would please help me out.. i'm a little confused..


Thanks.. if you need more details please email me @







I have a quesition that I know someone here can help me out with...


Thanks in Advance..


How do I edit an existing PHP file using DW with out having a apache server to connet to. ?


I wanted to be able to edit all of the \squirrelmail-1.4.2\src\ php files. I tried using DW and looking at the file,.. I can see the code.. but when I press F12.. and explorer comes up.. I just get the code.. in html format.. but the PHP site. I hope that makes sence ? ... is there something in DW that I have to do differently or do I have to have an Apache Sever Running ? But I think there is gotta be a way to edit the PHP fiels ? [any] with out connecting to a Server using DW.MX.


I am using Dreamweaver MX.. the new one and I'm using existing PHP files from\squirrelmail-1.4.2\src that I have on my linux box...


Thanks Again..


Junior Bisono.


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I do not beleive you need a testing sever to "edit" php files but you will need one to see if what you have edited works.


DMX does not have a virtual server you have to set one up on your machine if you want a testing server without having to hook up to a second machine.


I use phpdev from firepages a simple install for a tesing server. Download once and it installs everything.





Hope this helps








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The previous reply is correct if by edting the file you mean editing the code. Then you don't need an apache server installed.


But from what you say in your post I guess that what you want is to see the page as in the design view. And for that you DO need apache running at the same time.


To make it work you have to create a site for the files you want to edit, tell the path to the testing server, etc... and then you can open the file, click the "live data view" and see the page as it will show on a server.


To easily install all you need (latest versions of apache, PHP, MySQL, and more) you can download apache2triad. It's very easy to install and complete bundle.



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Use the 2 machines peer to peer with apache and sql installed under Linux/ Use linux as remote/testing server and serve file to the microsoft based machine. Your own small network and the good point is that you dont have to connect your linux system to the net and risk its system integrity. With regards editing code you can use notepad on any machine but to rum/test and de-bug it needs to be served from and apache/php enabled server.

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